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Open Letters
Kourkoulakos, Stefanos and Panitch, Leo. (2010). Toronto. 5 November. (Other; English).

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On October 29-31, the Forum on Capital as Power held a three-day conference at York University, dedicated to the subject of “Crisis of Capital, Crisis of Theory.” Below is an open letter from Stefanos Kourkoulakos. It was sent a day before the conference to Professors George Comninel, David McNally, Leo Pantich and Jonathan Nitzan who were to participate as Faculty Guest Speakers at the event. The letter is followed by a reply from Leo Panitch. Both texts are posted with the permission of their authors.



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04 November 2010

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"Crisis of Capital, Crisis of Theory": Conference Program and Videos
Brennan, Jordan and Cochrane, DT and Starrs, Sean. (2010). Conference to be held at York University in Toronto on October 29-31 2010. (Other; English).

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