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Financial Crisis, Inequality, and Capitalist Diversity: A Critique of the Capital as Power Model of the Stock Market
Baines, Joseph and Hager, Sandy Brian. (2019). New Political Economy. OnlineFirst. 9 January. pp. 1-18. (Article - Journal; English).

Accumulating through Food Crisis? Farmers, Commodity Traders and the Distributional Politics of Financialization
Baines, Joseph. (2017). Review of International Political Economy. 29 March. pp. 1-40. (Article - Journal; English).

Price and Income Dynamics in the Agri-Food System: A Disaggregate Perspective
Baines, Joseph. (2015). Unpublished PhD Dissertation. Political Science. York University. March. (Thesis; English).

Encumbered Behemoth: Wal-Mart, Differential Accumulation and International Retail Restructuring (Preprint)
Baines, Joseph. (2015). In Handbook of the International Political Economy of Production. Edited by van der Pijl, Kees. Edward Elgar, pp. 149-166. (Book Chapter; English).

Fuel, Feed and the Corporate Restructuring of the Food Regime
Baines, Joseph. (2015). The Journal of Peasant Studies. Vol. 42. No. 2, March. pp. 295-321. (Article - Journal; English).

The Ethanol Boom and the Restructuring of the Food Regime
Baines, Joseph. (2014). Working Papers on Capital as Power. July. pp. 1-50. (Article - Working Paper; English).

Wal-Mart's Power Trajectory: A Contribution to the Political Economy of the Firm
Baines, Joseph. (2014). Review of Capital as Power. Vol. 1. No. 1, March. pp. 79-109. (Article - Journal; English).

An Interview with Joseph Baines on Food Price Inflation as Redistribution
Arnesen, Arnie and Baines, Joseph. (2013). The Attitude, WNHN 94.7 FM. May. (Interview; English).

Food Price Inflation as Redistribution: Towards a New Analysis of Corporate Power in the World Food System (Preprint)
Baines, Joseph. (2013). New Political Economy. April. pp. 1-35. (Article - Journal; English).

Walmart’s Contested Expansion in the Retail Business: Differential Accumulation, Institutional Restructuring and Social Resistance
Baines, Joseph. (2012). Political Science. York University. October. pp. 1-33. (Article - Monograph; English).

"The Capitalist Mode of Power: Past, Present, Future": Conference Programme and Videos
Baines, Joseph and Hager, Sandy Brian and Ostojić, Mladen. (2011). (Other; English).

Call for Papers: "The Capitalist Mode of Power: Past, Present, Future"
Baines, Joseph and Hager, Sandy Brian and Ostojić, Mladen. (2011). (Other; English).

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