Author: Hong, Gibin

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Is Global Financial Capitalism Following the Path of Communism? (금융 자본주의는 소련 공산주의의 뒤를 밟을 것인가?: 자본 시장의 심장 박동이 멈추었다)
Hong, Gibin. (2010). Pressian. 28 September. (Magazine Article; Korean).

Systemic Fear, Modern Finance and the Future of Capitalism (체제적 공포, 현대 금융과 자본주의의 미래)
Nitzan, Jonathan and Hong, Gibin. (2010). Presentation at the Institute of Social Sciences, Sogang University. 29 September. (Lecture / Presentation; Korean).

The Global Capital Market Under “Systemic Fear” ('체제적 공포' 엄습한 자본시장)
Hong, Gibin. (2010). Economy Insight. 1 October. pp. 76-78. (Magazine Article; Korean).


How Does 'Power' Become a 'Goose that Lays Golden Eggs'? Reply to Seoung-Ho Park. ('권력'은 어떻게 '황금알을 낳는 거위´가 되는가?)
Hong, Gibin. (2004). PRESSian. 5 August. (Review; Korean).


Global Accumulation and the Future of the Global Political Economy: A Series of Articles (세계적 축적과 지구 정치 경제의 항뱡)
Hong, Gibin. (2003). PRESSian. (Magazine Article; Korean).

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