Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "The Global Political Economy of Israel"

Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "The Global Political Economy of Israel"
Colorful, Adjective. (2005). Znet. 4 May. (Review; English).

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“Dismantles neoclassical economic dogma and keeps radical economics honest by doing the empirical dirty work that most economic commentators sidestep. . . . Gives more firepower against the neoliberal worldview than any other text I’ve read. . . . Nitzan and Bichler enfold several truly radical assertions into this work. . . . This book has enormous potential for bolstering the case against globalization in its current incarnation. It is the best tool I have found for making extremely intelligent free market fans have second thoughts because the evidence is so well compiled and laid out and the authors are not afraid to dispel prevalent myths amongst the left despite being self-described Marxists (they quarrel with his theory of value, not his more broad-ranging commentary)."



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Commentary on

The Global Political Economy of Israel.
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon (2002). Pluto Press. (Book; English).


crisis globalization instability Israel Marxism methodology neoclassical economics neoliberalism power stagflation


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