The South American Pipeline (Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)

The South American Pipeline (Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)
McIntryre, Linden and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2006). The Current, CBC Radio. February. (Interview; English).

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It's not by chance that President Chavez calls this pipeline project the beginning of a "South American consensus", something that could economically link that continent's countries. Using that term is seen a direct challenge to the once-championed "Washington Consensus", which referred to a Free Trade Area for the Americas--one that was supposed to extend NAFTA from Alaska to Patagonia.

Now some observers say the pipeline points to a Latin America poised to exclude American political and economic influence from the region. To help us sort through the rhetoric, and to put the proposed pipeline into a continental and global context, we were joined by Jonathan Nitzan. He is a Political Economist at York University in Toronto, but this morning, he was in Montreal.



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10 Feb 2006

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