The Global Political Economy of Israel (Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)

The Global Political Economy of Israel (Radio Interview with Jonathan Nitzan)
Faux, Stirling and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2002). QR77. October. (Interview; English).

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Duration: 28 minutes.

Thoughts on Israel, the Middle East and the Global Political Economy -- along with some predictions about the coming US invasion of Iraq.



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arms accumulation acquisitions capital capitalism centralization competition conflict conglomeration corporation credit crisis debt demographics development distribution dual economy elite energy finance globalization growth imperialism distribution institutionalism IPE Israel labour liberalization M&A merger methodology Middle East military national interest security oil OPEC ownership Palestine peace politics power privatization profit ruling class sabotage stagflation state stock market technology TNC United States US violence war Zionism


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Jonathan Nitzan

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20 Feb 2006

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