Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder"

Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder"
Cochrane, DT. (2010). Theory in Action. Vol. 3. No. 2, April. pp. 110-116. (Review; English).

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FROM THE REVIEW: "The authors of Capital As Power wish, as they said in their own words at a recent Rethinking Marxism conference, to perform a ‘ctrl-alt-del’ on current political economy. The basis for this extreme assertion is the sorry state of value theory and the concepts that depend upon that theory, including capital. In place of the two standard theories of value (the neoclassical ‘utility theory of value’ and the Marxist ‘labor theory of value’), both of which have serious analytical and ontological problems, Nitzan and Bichler offer a theory that capital is nothing but quantified power."



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Capital as Power. A Study of Order and Creorder.
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon (2009). RIPE Series in Global Political Economy. Routledge. (Book; English).


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