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The Capitalist Mode of Power

Critical Engagements with the Power Theory of Value

Edited by Tim Di Muzio

Routledge – 2013 – 184 pages

Series: RIPE Series in Global Political Economy

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    August 6th 2013


1. Introduction: The Provocations of Capital as Power Tim Di Muzio Part I: The Provocation of History 2. Historicizing Capital as Power: Energy, Capitalization and Globalized Social Reproduction Tim Di Muzio Part II: The Provocations of a New Theory 3. The Power of Investment Banks: Surplus Absorption or Differential Capitalization? Sandy Brian Hager 4. NAFTA, Investiture and Distribution: The Power Underpinnings of Trade and Investment Liberalization in Canada Jordan Brennan 5. ‘A Degree of Control’: Corporations and the Struggle against South African Apartheid DT Cochrane and Jeffrey Monaghan Part III: The Provocation of Critique 6. Fighting the Power? Struggle and Resistance in ‘Capital as Power’ Dan Bousfield 7. State and Capital: False Dichotomy, Structural Super-Determinism, and Moving Beyond Sean Starrs 8. Differential Accumulation and the Political Economy of Power Samuel Knafo, Matthieu Hughes and Steffan Wyn-Jones 9. Conclusion

Name: The Capitalist Mode of Power: Critical Engagements with the Power Theory of Value (Hardback)Routledge 
Description: Edited by Tim Di Muzio. This edited volume offers the first critical engagement with one of the most provocative and controversial theories in political economy: the thesis that capital can be theorized as power and that capital is finance and only finance. The book also...
Categories: International Political Economy, International Economics, Modern Political Theory, Political Economy, Globalization, Political Theory