The Enlightened Capitalist

The Enlightened Capitalist
Bichler, Shimshon and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2014). April. pp. 1-9. (Article - Monograph; English).


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On April 16, 2014, we published a short article in the Indian fortnightly Frontline, titled 'Profit from Crisis'. Scarcely had a day passed from the article’s publication that we got an angry email from an asset manager whom we'll call 'Mr. X'. Mr. X is an enlightened capitalist, and reading our piece had set him on fire. Our article, he protested, was 'terribly flawed'. It 'failed miserably' in understanding capitalism, and its allegation that capitalists do not want recovery is doing 'tremendous harm'. This note deconstructs Mr. X's protestations in the context of the current capitalist angst.



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Article - Monograph

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Profit from Crisis: Why Capitalists Do Not Want Recovery, and What That Means for America
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon. (2014). Frontline. 2 May. pp. 129-131. (Article - Magazine; English).


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05 May 2014

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