Putting Power Back Into Growth Theory

Putting Power Back Into Growth Theory
Fix, Blair. (2014). Working Papers on Capital as Power. No. 2014/05. 26 December. pp. 1-30. (Article - Working Paper; English).

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* Winner of the 2014 RECASP Essay Prize *

Neoclassical growth theory assumes that economic growth is an atomistic process in which changes in distribution play no role. Unfortunately, when this assumption is tested against real-world evidence, it is systematically violated. This paper argues that a reality-based growth theory must reject neoclassical principles in favour of a power-centered approach. Building on Nitzan and Bichler’s Capital as Power hypothesis, I argue that hierarchy formation is an integral part of the growth process. I hypothesize that the role of capital accumulation (through profit) is to facilitate hierarchy formation by legitimizing the authority of capitalists.



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Article - Working Paper


distribution hierarchy energy growth neoclassical economics power


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