Why Diamonds and De Beers?, or The Need for Accumulation Studies

Why Diamonds and De Beers?, or The Need for Accumulation Studies
Cochrane, DT. (2016). Working Papers on Capital as Power. No. 2016/02. April. pp. 1-14. (Article - Working Paper; English).

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The text of this paper served as the introductory presentation for my PhD defence, held on December 2015. In it, I explain what I tried to do with the dissertation, the methods I used, and the larger project I hope it is initiating. Specifically, I suggest there is a need for accumulation studies as a field of research and analysis. The dissertation was a case study within this not-yet-existent field. Hopefully, this text serves to clarify my approach and, ideally, will generate greater interest in such research.



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Article - Working Paper

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What’s Love Got to Do with It? Diamonds and the Accumulation of De Beers, 1935-55
Cochrane, DT. (2015). Unpublished PhD Dissertation. Program in Social and Political Thought. York University. December. (Thesis; English).


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