The Ties that Blind (Review of Bichler and Nitzan's 'From War Profits to Peace Dividends')

The Ties that Blind (Review of Bichler and Nitzan's 'From War Profits to Peace Dividends')
Laor, Yitzhak. (2002). Ha'aretz. 11 January. (Review; English).

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I read the hundreds of pages of this book like a thriller, including the discussions of inflation and the question that is never asked on the business pages: Who ultimately gained from the rampant inflation of the 1980s? Only the bank directors who were intercepted by Beiski? After all, there was a huge amount of money here that was not burned, and if there were many losses, who were those who gained? There is a great deal of anger in this book and a great deal of humor. Reading economic literature is usually very boring. This book is fascinating. Marxists and socialists of all kinds, if they do not want to give answers from the day before yesterday to yesterday's questions, should definitely read it.



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From War Profits to Peace Dividends (מרווחי מלחמה לדיבידנדים של שלום).
Bichler, Shimshon and Nitzan, Jonathan (2001). Carmel. (Book; Hebrew).


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