Once More Into the Fire of Academia

Once More Into the Fire of Academia
Fix, Blair. (2021). Economics from the Top Down. 10 May. (Article - Magazine; English).

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Some exciting personal news. In July, I will be starting a postdoctoral fellowship at York University. I’ll be studying the hierarchical origins of income inequality [. . .] The basic idea of my research is that there is a disconnect between our working lives and how political economists understand the distribution of income. In our working lives, we have jobs within hierarchies and get paid according to our status. Everyone knows that’s how it works … at least implicitly. But when political economists model the resulting distribution of income, they somehow forget about these hierarchies. Odd, right? I’m trying to build a theory of income distribution that doesn’t forget about the hierarchical facts of life. Stay tuned for the interesting results to come.



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Article - Magazine

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Does Hierarchy Drive Income Inequality? Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Postcoctoral Fellowship Proposal
Fix, Blair. (2021). pp. 1-13. Department of Politics. York University. April. (Other; English).


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