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The Autocatalytic Sprawl of Pseudorational Mastery
Martin, Ulf. (2019). Review of Capital as Power. Vol. 1. No. 4. May. pp. 1-30. (Article - Journal; English).

The Autocatalytic Sprawl of Pseudorational Mastery (version 0.12)
Martin, Ulf. (2018). Working Papers on Capital as Power. No. 2018/04. June. pp. 1-20. (Article - Working Paper; English).

Pseudorational Control and the Magma of Reality
Martin, Ulf. (2016). Seminar at the Department of Political Science, York University. 27 September. (Lecture / Presentation; English).

Messing with the Normal Rate of Return: A Discussion
Bichler, Shimshon and Cochrane, DT and Martin, Ulf and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2012). pp. 1-5. July. (Other; English).


Kapital als Macht und imaginäre Institution: Eine Einführung in die Kapitalmachttheorie von Jonathan Nitzan und Shimshon Bichler
Martin, Ulf and D'Alessio, Nestor and Wolf, Harald. (2010). 19 June. (Other; German).

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