Year: 2023

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Capitalism, Money and Inequality in the World
Tim, Di Muzio. (2023). In Transitioning to Reduced Inequalities. Edited by Bieri, Sabin and Bader, Christopher. Chapter 10. Basel, Switzerland. MPDI Books, pp. 63-82. (Book Chapter; English).

Capitalizing a Cure. How Finance Controls the Price and Value of Medicines.
Roy, Victor (2023). Oakland, California. University of California Press. (Book; English).

Do High Interest Rates Reduce Inflation? A Test of Monetary Faith
Fix, Blair. (2023). Economics from the Top Down. 4 February. pp. 1-18. (Article - Magazine; English).

Interest Rates and Inflation: Knives Out
Fix, Blair. (2023). Economics from the Top Down. 19 February. pp. 1-29. (Article - Magazine; English).

Is Stagflation the Norm?
Fix, Blair. (2023). Economics from the Top Down. 17 January. pp. 1-19. (Article - Magazine; English).

The Business of Strategic Sabotage
Bichler, Shimshon and Nitzan, Jonathan. (2023). Review of Capital as Power. Vol. 2. No. 2. January. pp. 81-95. (Article - Journal; English).

The Cause of Satagflation
Fix, Blair. (2023). Economics from the Top Down. 26 January. pp. 1-15. (Article - Magazine; English).

The Key to Managing Inflation: Higher Wages
Fix, Blair. (2023). Economics From the Top Down. 2 March. pp. 1-15. (Article - Magazine; English).


The Church of Economics: 'Capital and its Crisis', a Book by Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan (כנסיית בתי הספר לכלכלה: בעקבות הספר 'ההון ושברו' מאת שמשון ביכלר ויהונתן ניצן)
Hever, Shir. (2023). Zo Haderekh. 29 January. pp. 1-2. (Review; Hebrew).


Kapitał, by rządzić, musi sabotować postęp
Pietryka, Mateusz. (2023). Krytyka Polityczna. 10 February. pp. 1-6. (Review; Other).

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