New Perspective. Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "The Global Political Economy of Israel"

New Perspective. Review of Nitzan and Bichler's "The Global Political Economy of Israel"
Gee, John. (2003). Middle East International. November. November 2003. pp. 34-35. (Review; English).

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"When it comes to Israel, it sometimes seems that so much has been written that new authors will be fated either to reshuffle existing prose or to examine past and present through ever more power microscopes. Then, once in a while, someone comes along with original ideas. This book is a persuasive and hard hitting consideration of Israel's development in a global political economy context. Those who feel poorly acquainted with economics should not be deterred from reading it: they will be rewarded not only by deeper insights into the processes shaping current events, but by moments of revelation".

Publication Type: Review
Commentary on: The Global Political Economy of Israel
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon (2002). Pluto Press. (Book; English).
Keywords: arms capitalism conflict core conglomerates crisis development distribution dominant capital elite energy finance globalization growth high technology Israel labour liberalization Middle East military national interest security oil ownership Palestine peace politics power privatization profit ruling class state TNC transnational accumulation United States US violence war Zionism
Subject: BN Political Parties
BN State & Government
BN Region - Middle East
BN Industrial Organization
BN Civil Society
BN Institutions
BN Power
BN International & Global
BN Region - North America
BN Business Enterprise
BN Crisis
BN Production
BN War & Peace
BN Conflict & Violence
BN Money & Finance
BN Science & Technology
BN Distribution
BN Comparative
BN Capital & Accumulation
BN Policy
BN Class
BN Growth
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