The Global Political Economy of Israel (Book Review)

The Global Political Economy of Israel (Book Review)
Plessner, Yakir. (2003). The Middle East Journal. Vol. 57. No. 2. 2003. pp. 331-332. (Review; English).

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“Throwing stones at a glass house is fine if the thrower does not himself sit in one. On this the authors fail miserably. . . . The authors' stumbles in matters of fact are legend. . . . Strangely, the authors never mention the one comprehensive analysis of Israel's political economy . . . [namely, my own book] The Political Economy of Israel: From Ideology to Stagnation, Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1994. . . .”

Publication Type: Review
Commentary on: The Global Political Economy of Israel
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon (2002). Pluto Press. (Book; English).
Keywords: academia Israel
Subject: BN Myth
BN Ideology
BN Methodology
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