Peak Oil? Oil Supply and Accumulation

Peak Oil? Oil Supply and Accumulation
Cochrane, DT. (2008). Cultural Shifts. January. (Article - Magazine; English).

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FROM THE ARTICLE: Peak oil will come. When it does, its effects on the global economy are uncertain. In the meantime, the oil companies must keep the following plates spinning: faith in oil as the energy source of capitalism, a high enough price to remain on top of the corporate world, a low enough and steady enough price to avoid contributing to a lengthy recession, or even a depression. While the differential perspective on accumulation makes it clear that growth is not synonymous with the corporate interest -- as long as everyone else is declining faster than you, then you are differentially accumulating -- depressions are dangerous for their unpredictability and their potential to threaten the capitalist status quo. . . . Undoubtedly, one of these plates will drop. The question is: which one? The consequences of the answer to that question will come more immediately than the geologically necessary peak in production and should be of greater concern.



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Article - Magazine

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It's All About Oil
Nitzan, Jonathan and Bichler, Shimshon. (2003). News From Within. Vol. XIX. No. 1, January. pp. 8-11. (Article - Magazine; English).


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