Year: 2024

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Article - Journal

Degrowth and Capitalist Power: A Step Towards a Theory of Change
Vastenaekels, Julien. (2024). Degrowth Journal. Vol. 2. February. pp. 1-31. (Article - Journal; English).

Stocking Up on Wealth . . . Concentration
Fix, Blair. (2024). Real-World Economics Review. No. 107. March. pp. 40-56. (Article - Journal; English).

Article - Magazine

Is Bitcoin More Energy Intensive Than Mainstream Finance?
Fix, Blair. (2024). Economics from the Top Down. 21 March. pp. 1-25. (Article - Magazine; English).

Правда об инфляции (The Truth About Inflation)
Fix, Blair. (2024). Новый курс. February. pp. 1-26. (Article - Magazine; Russian).

Lecture / Presentation

The Political Economic Roots of Hollywood Strikes, 1950-2023
McMahon, James. (2024). Paper Presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Annual Conference in Boston, March 14-17. (Lecture / Presentation; English).


Key points on Bichler/Nitzan’s text “Capital as Power”
Szepanski, Achim. (2024). 14 April. pp. 1-10. (Review; English).

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